Six Sexy Days

As editor-in-chief I ran a week-long digital magazine revolving around the topic of sex and all that is associated with it. It was part of an online class taught by Dara Colwell.

My duties included establishing an editorial ‘line’ for the magazine, assigning stories, discussing ideas and giving feedback to fellow students, editing articles, approving of social media posts and lay out of the website, writing my own (research) articles and editorials, calling meetings, setting the agenda, assigning roles, and ensuring that everything ran smoothly.

It was both the most stressful and the most satisfying week of my journalism master and I was very happy to close of the academic year by working together to produce our own magazine.

Stay Hooked radio broadcast

Stay Hooked: a radio broadcast me and my fellow journalism students made in a week, I was reporter and editor-in-chief. As editor I was in charge of approving the social media message, editing the reports brought in by fellow journalists, giving feedback, calling meetings and setting the tone for the broadcast.

I had a lot of fun during this time and learned a lot, not only about the editing process, and the way in which half an hour of newsradio comes together, but also about myself and my own leadership style.